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Sharmin Karmin, founder of amma360, holding her baby.

Meet Founder, Sharmin Karim

Being pregnant with your first child is not only euphoric, but also fraught with stress and anxiety. Add to that a global pandemic of the novel COVID-19 outbreak, and you’re left with extreme concern for yourself and the yet to be earth-side baby. This is what our founder, Sharmin Karim, faced during her very first pregnancy. Sharmin was able to navigate this new terrain of social distancing, masking, and facing restrictive precautions with the help of her prenatal care team, family, and friends. However, post-pregnancy, the support naturally shifted towards baby care, and she was left feeling ambiguous about the way to support her postpartum body.

Bleary eyed, and exhausted while breastfeeding the baby during a particularly rough night, Sharmin decided she truly needed to care for her body in order to be present and functioning for her baby. She dove into articles, interviews, and researches about care for the postpartum body, but was left with the often-staid axiom of taking the same old prenatals even though her body had completely changed. Her body was now the food source for her little one, as well as being a physical entity of her own. So how can the same prenatal support all of that? In truth, it cannot.

Research shows that prenatal supplements are just not enough to sustain and meet all the enhanced nutrient needs of a postpartum mother. Sharmin decided to partner with trusted physicians, scientists, and fertility experts to develop formulas that specifically target the issues new mothers face after giving birth. Eponymously named after what she calls her own mother, “amma,” amma360 was born. amma360 is not only a passion project, but it is formulated to ensure that each ingredient and its respective dosages are carefully selected to help the postpartum body thrive.

Our Mission

To support ammas with nutritional knowledge and health.

Our Vision

To make ammas healthier.

What is amma360?

Founded in November 2020, amma360 is a dietary supplements company focused on women's health beginning with the critical postpartum period following childbirth. Committed to creating products that are evidenced-based, research-backed, nutrient-rich, and rooted in science, amma360 launched its product line with its first two products: Postpartum Multi+ Omegas and Postpartum Protein+ to target the enhanced nutrient needs of new mothers. Both products were formulated alongside physicians, scientists, and fertility experts to ensure that the nutrient-rich ingredients and respective dosage amounts help new moms ("ammas") and their babies blossom and thrive. amma360 expects to expand its product line in the near future with an array of supplements that provide targeted nutritional support and preventative care for overall women's health and their families, including men and children.