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5 Tips to Celebrate YOU this Mother's Day

Mother and baby, happiness, bonding, postpartum

As Mother’s Day approaches, we want to take a moment to reflect on what it means to be a mom.

This special day holds extra meaning when we become mother's ourselves. I'm sure you can relate—I gained a whole new appreciation for my own mother once I became a mom. Motherhood has a way of deepening our understanding of the sacrifices, love, dedication, and resilience that mothers embody every day.

On this Mother's Day, we not only honor the mothers in our lives but also acknowledge the profound impact they have had on shaping who we are. From the late-night cuddles to the comforting words and endless support, mothers play an invaluable role in our lives, guiding us with love and wisdom, even as we become mothers ourselves.

And now the real focus of Mother’s Day - YOU, momma!

Here are 5 Tips to Celebrate YOU!

  1. Treat yourself to a solo staycation: I don’t know about you mommas, but this mom has not had a full night of restful or restorative sleep for at least a month. My son has been battling the 3 year old sleep regression (yay for getting older!) and every nasty bug that runs through his preschool, most recently the painful Hand Foot Mouth virus. As a result, we’ve been dealing with almost nightly middle of the night wakes, where all he wants to do is cuddle up next to (or on top of) amma. So this year, I asked (interpret: told) my husband that I’m booking myself a one night stay for myself to indulge in room service, bad rom-coms, and a full night of sleep (don’t forget to bring your own pillow!) It doesn’t have to be a destination - I picked a hotel 2 miles from my house.
  2. Get a massage: Carrying a baby (or toddler) around around all day is a tough workout for your biceps, shoulders, neck, and back. Nursing also takes a toll on your muscles and posture. Here’s your reminder to book that massage. 60 minutes, or ideally longer, will help you unwind, release tension, and experience the healing benefits of therapeutic touch. You deserve the time to pamper yourself and nurture your long-term well-being.
  3. Buy something you’ve been wanting: A few years ago, I created a Wish List of items that I want but don’t feel the rush to buy for myself (think shoes, jewelry, pretty party dresses). I shared the list with my husband and mom to make it easier for them when they buy me presents (e.g. for my birthday, Eid, Christmas, etc.). It’s a long list as I add to it as I come across things I want, but don’t need. Take this Mother’s Day as the opportunity to splurge and buy yourself something from your Wish List, something you’ve wanted but haven’t pulled the trigger on because you’re too busy buying gifts for everyone else. You matter too, momma.
  4. Have a girls day/night out: Gather a girlfriend or a mom friend and get out of the house together, sans babies! Whether it’s brunch, happy hour cocktails, dinner + drinks, or even just a Target run, grab your best gal pal to catch up on you, outside of your role as a mother. Laugh, converse, bond. Girlfriend time is always worth it.
  5. Enjoy a favorite meal or yummy treat: It can be fancy or your favorite comfort meal. My go to favorite treat always has and will be ice cream on a cone. I love enjoying it with girlfriends, my husband, my family, pretty much anyone. I plan to walk to the nearest Thrifty’s ice cream shop (iykyk) and get a scoop of pistachio ice cream my husband and son, hopefully it’s a sunny Mother’s Day. Whatever your go to meal is, treat yourself to something delicious that brings you joy and satisfaction.

Momma - you are a constant source of love, strength, and inspiration to your little one(s) everyday. We hope you show yourself some extra love this Mother’s Day and that it’s filled with love, joy and moments of self-celebration.


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