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Why don't more women share the realities of postpartum after birth?

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Too often, pregnant or new moms are left in the dark on what to expect during the critical postnatal or postpartum period following childbirth.

Dr. Tina Parikh, amma360 Scientific Advisory Board member, pharmacist, and health + wellness coach, wants to change the stigma around postpartum challenges by sharing a glimpse of her postpartum experience. 

When Tina was pregnant with her first child, everyone kept telling her how wonderful motherhood was and how truly lucky she was to enter this new phase of her life. What no one told her was how much of an emotional, exhausted mess she would be. During the first month after having her incredible, beautiful baby girl, she felt depleted. She would go into the bathroom and just cry and let me tell you that she’s not a crier so this was out of the norm. She felt tired from having very little sleep and her body didn’t feel like her own. It was only after a few years when her friends started having kids did she begin to share her experience so they could learn, feel supported, and benefit from it.

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