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Finding Joy in the Chaos

A mother picking up her young child in their home, smiling with joy.

My typical day starts around 5:30 am waking up to a crying baby. Ready or not the day has begun. Time to feed my baby, get lunch ready and packed, wake up my older 2 year old daughter to get dressed for daycare, and off we go. The rest of the morning and early afternoon is spent with my younger 2 month old daughter, juggling between feeding her, changing diapers, attempting to do laundry, cook, and clean. Taking a shower is considered a bonus. Having 2 kids 2 years old and younger is chaotic, to say the least. I’m not planning on having anymore children so how do I get out of the rut and enjoy this time before they’re all grown up?

I set out to do some research during my “downtime” (aka while breastfeeding my little one) and here’s what I found. Joy can be created by multiple ways such as practicing gratitude, by being present, and having positive relationships. Let's dive deeper into each one.

When we think of practicing gratitude, we tend to think of journaling, writing about what we’re grateful for. As a busy mother, I don’t have time to journal. Lucky for us mothers, there are other ways that we can practice gratitude which can boost our happiness levels even higher than just journaling. We can donate some of our old baby clothes or supplies or help another mom in need. We can also say one thing we’re grateful for when we wake up. What a great way to start the day.

Being Present
Being in the present moment contributes to happiness and joy. It allows you to see the world around you vs being so wrapped up with your thoughts. Simple things like hearing birds chirping outside, the smile on your baby’s face, or the weird faces that your baby makes can be enjoyed if you’re just present and paying attention. No need to wait for milestones to happen. It’s the simple things that really make a difference. In addition, we’ve all heard that meditation and mindfulness can reduce anxiety, but who knew that it can also increase joy? Taking deep breaths for even just one minute, can help reduce the chaotic feeling and help gain clarity.

Positive Social Relationships
The popular Harvard Study on happiness that tracked adults over 80 years of their life found that close relationships, more than money or fame, are what kept people happy throughout their lives. What I found surprising was that there has been additional research which demonstrated that even small random connections, including small talk with strangers, can leave us feeling happy. Grab coffee with another mom or set up a playdate. Investing in our family, friends, and peers can also provide a social support network when challenges and stress presents itself.


What is something you can incorporate in your life?


Dr. Tina Parikh is a Clinical Pharmacist, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and amma360 Scientific Advisory Board Member. Tina found her purpose through providing nutritional health and wellness guidance to her fellow moms. She is the founder of Refresh + Rise Coaching and Consulting, and of course, an amma.

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