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Love the Chaos

Mom smiling with young daughter who is giving her a kiss on the cheek.
One of the core beliefs here at amma360 is to “love the chaos.” Why? Because chaos is life. Nothing in life is stagnant; it’s always a cosmic chaos. One of the most important things we as mamas forget is that mess and chaos are not the same thing. Chaos is the unpredictability in Nature, which often results in some beautiful or painful messes. Messes are what we often define as claptraps! But, one of the most fundamental importance between the two is that chaos breeds life: the life of you and your newborn, the sounds of your cries and your baby’s, the melody of your laughter and your baby’s! In this chaos is your mess. Don’t react to the chaos; react to the mess.

Mess can be solved strategically with some tactful practices. For example: the huge pile of laundry in the corner or dishes in the sink will eventually get cleaned. Ask for help. It’s a simple solution, but many of us feel ashamed to ask. One of the many important facets of postpartum is to surround yourself with those you are comfortable in asking for help or support (mental, emotional, and physical). It’s also absolutely ok to have dust bunnies collecting, because although you may be running out of fresh or clean clothes, you’ll be living in the beautiful chaos with your new baby, and making memories of skin-to-skin time, nursing, soaking in that newborn baby smell, and basking in the life you brought into this world.

In our fast-paced world, everything is in a constant state of motion. What’s valuable is the time you give yourself and your baby post birth and postpartum. The time that’s needed to heal your postpartum body, and mind should be a magical time. The magic is in the bone-dead tired hours you spend nurturing your newly minted tiny human who depends solely on your for keeping him/her alive, to teach and guide them. Focusing on your health and body is extremely consequential. amma360’s postpartum supplements help in controlling the “mess” our bodies undergo, and bring balance into the chaos. We believe in loving the postpartum body with all the hodgepodge melody that lead to experiencing one of the greatest joys of an amma’s life: your baby!

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