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Revitalize and Nourish: Creamy Strawberry Postpartum Smoothie Recipe

Postnatal Nutrition

One of our ammas shared this amazing recipe with us, and we couldn’t wait to share it with all of you!

Lindsey’s extra creamy Postpartum Smoothie is made with some of our favorite ingredients, like strawberries, avocado, nut butter, and of course, amma360’s Postpartum Protein+ Powder!

This recipe combines sweet and fresh ingredients with the nourishing powers of our Protein+ Powder, perfect for supporting new moms in strengthening their energy, nutrition, and even lactation! Try it for yourself:


1 cup of almond milk 

1 cup strawberries

1 scoop of amma360 Postpartum Protein+ Powder 

1 tbsp of chia seeds 

1 tbsp of almond butter 

½ avocado 

1 tsp of cinnamon 

Whipped cream optional


Combine all of your ingredients in a blender 

Blend together until the texture is smooth 

Pour into your favorite no-spill cup, top with whipped cream, and enjoy!

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