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Amma and Baby Tantrums

Postpartum mom hugging her toddler after having a tantrum.

We’re all familiar with baby tantrums. But did you know that newly minted ammas experience “tantrums” as well? Post childbirth, ammas’ postnatal bodies are completely saturated with hormones and adrenaline to deal with the stress their bodies underwent during labor and after birth. This influx of hormones (some leftover from the baby while pregnant) completely drains ammas physically and emotionally in the critical postpartum / postnatal period. It’s only natural for ammas to feel sudden outbursts of frustration and sometimes even anger, after birth during postpartum.

Tantrums are natural expressions of frustrations in young children. At amma360, we believe that some new ammas may also feel this same sense of frustration after childbirth. Postnatal or postpartum frustrations can sometimes lead to postpartum rage. According to the Cleveland Clinic postpartum rage is “a mood disruption that causes intense anger, aggression and agitation in the weeks and months after you give birth.” ammas suffering from postnatal or postpartum rage may feel “angry, irritable, frustrated…like their blood is always boiling, or that they want to yell…”

Not all of ammas face postnatal or postpartum rage, but much like toddlers we do sometimes experience tantrum-like behavior. One way to deal with postnatal or postpartum rage is to take several deep and calm breaths. It may not seem like much, but lowering your heart rate through meditative breaths stops your brain’s “stress response.”

Another great way to proactively fight the postpartum or postnatal tantrum is to supplement your diet with vitamin D3, folate, and milk thistle. These vitamins and herbs help promote, support, and maintain healthy hormone regulation and mood balance. (amma360 Postpartum Multi+ Omegas contains vitamin D3, folate, and milk thistle so that ammas can beat those postnatal or postpartum tantrums!)

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² This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. amma360 Postpartum Multi+ Omegas is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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